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If tomatoes could make pasta happy and fulfilled then maybe other vegetables could too, right?

After all, pasta and vegetables complement each other. Vegetables generously give them their natural salt, vitamins, fiber and good minerals. Pasta’s flour gives vegetables energy and hydrocarbons. So Pasta Garden went on a quest for more vegetable companions – not to the outskirts of the dish or through spice and sauce rivers, but to pasta’s heart, at the flavour’s source, where the pasta-veg blend is the most potent. You’ll taste and feel that difference!.



“It’s not possible you don’t go about wonderful things, other than baklava!”

This is what Athena Kolionasios heard year after year from her international partners. As she explained to me, she finds this reaction curious interesting for two reasons: Firstly, her handmade Athena Sweet Athena baklava are not coming in excellent quality, in all their range of flavours, without considerable hard work. Secondly, Athena’s love of great taste has always driven her on to create new products. Well, it seems she has accomplished that!

Pasta with fresh vegetables, completely natural and wonderfully delicious, without salt or other additives, just perfect for a 6-month-old baby to try - and enjoy! Homemade, by hand and by two friends, Christina and Kostas, who started creating first for their own family. Athena had just launched Garden of Eden (a divine vegan baklava with extra virgin olive oil, with no trace of sugar) and Pasta Garden came along, easily and literally - Pasta from the Garden!

Η Αθηνά Κολιονάσιου

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Our dream is to correctly nourish as many children as possible, so we were delighted that our first international order was for children’s meals at a Finnish school. Our goal isn’t to replace classic pasta products, but that one in five dishes that you enjoy contains pure vegetables with healthy ingredients, full flavours and no need for added salt.

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A satisfying, delicious and nutritious meal for the whole family

In the art of charm, pasta has learnt a thing or two, using its experience with tomato sauce and shape-shifting abilities. As a result pasta loves children and children love pasta. Pasta Garden uses the irresistible charm of pasta to make “boring” vegetables appealing. With Pasta Garden, children grow up getting the nutritional value of vegetables without the bland tastes they have no care for. No need for fights at the dinner table when our pasta meals will have them coming back for more. There’s no need for added salt either, because the pasta-veg blend creates its own unique flavour.

You can now eat

spinach, peppers

and other nutritional greens,
because we made them


and not just because they’re good for you.

Pasta table 3

The perfect bite with every bite

We are about high-quality pasta that retains its aromas, letting it dry naturally at low temperatures and exclusively in copper moulds. This is how we make pasta obtain a perfectly porous surface, able to absorb the ingredients and sauce.